Our Story

Our story

ARTD is a leading public policy consulting firm. Our core business is working with government agencies and non-government organisations to make evidence-informed policy decisions; co-design service models and delivery strategies; plan for, track and evaluate outcomes; and continuously improve performance.

Since 1989, we have successfully delivered over 1,300 consultancy projects—large and small—across a range of policy sectors. Our staff are committed, curious, creative and collaborative in producing credible evidence and real-world solutions to policy problems. They’re supported by strong internal management systems and processes.

Our work is highly regarded in the public policy sector and by our peers. We are active member of 25 procurement panels across Commonwealth and state governments and we won the Australasian Evaluation Society’s award for Best Public Sector Evaluation in 2014 and Best Evaluation Policy and Systems in 2010, following previous awards.

Our approach is simple; we listen to you, then draw on the expertise of our people, yours and your stakeholders to bring evidence and insight to decision makers. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact our office on 02 9373 9900 and ask to speak with one of our leadership team.

Our history

ARTD is an Australian-owned firm. From a small team of three, established in 1989, we have grown to become one of the most respected and enduring consultancy firms in our field. We have successfully delivered over 1,300 consultancy projects across a range of policy sectors. We were early pioneers in the use of program logic and remain at the forefront of evaluation theory and practice.

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