Celebrating 30 years at the forefront of evaluation theory in practice.

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This diversity of our people enables us to compile teams with the right range of skills, disciplinary and professional backgrounds.

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Applied workshops and mentoring that support policy makers and program managers design, monitor, and evaluate programs

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Effective strategy requires deep context area expertise to address complex policy problems. We facilitate strategy development through workshops, environmental scans, and needs analyses


Policies and program designs are more appropriate if they are co-designed with the people they affect and the staff delivering them. We work with our clients to engage individuals and communities in the design process, drawing on existing research evidence.


Taking an idea from design to delivery takes careful consideration. We work with you to develop delivery models that will work in real world contexts, and the guidelines to support them.


There’s a science to implementation – sequencing, roles and responsibilities, and embedding change. We work with clients to continuously improve their models during implementation.


Clear guidelines and effective data collection systems can help you monitor performance and make adjustments where needed to stay on track. We design systems that are user-friendly and focus on what matters.


Effective evaluation can guide decision-making and strengthen policy and program outcomes. We design evaluations and reviews that are rigorous, ethical and insightful, applying our knowledge of evaluation theory to your real-world contexts.

Capacity Building

Effective use of evidence is crucial to inform continuous improvement of policies and programs, as well as ongoing program management and strategic decision-making. We help clients build evaluative thinking into business-as-usual through tailored capacity building.


From carefully selecting the team with the combined technical capability, policy knowledge and prior experience to successfully delivering your project, this is how our process ensures we exceed planned outcomes and client expectations.

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