We work with a diverse network of trusted associates, whose work complements our core expertise. We draw on their content area expertise to ensure our evaluation and strategic advice is grounded in contemporary practice.

Wendy Hodge

Wendy is an experienced evaluator, with twenty years of practical experience in designing and implementing evaluations in health, education and across many other human service areas. Since joining ARTD in 1999, she has managed over 175 research and evaluation projects across health, education, crime prevention, disability, child protection and the environment. She is skilled in evaluation design and implementation and project management, particularly in successfully managing large-scale complex evaluations and reviews.

Wendy has extensive experience in designing and managing research and evaluation in the education sector, having managed or provided oversight for the majority of ARTD education consultancies as a Director between 2011 and 2021. Wendy has 18 years’ experience in evaluating pilot education programs. She is particularly knowledgeable about conducting education research in NSW Government schools, having managed about 15 research and evaluation projects in this context in the last decade.

Wendy also has a deep knowledge of, and experience with the health sector in NSW. She is a public health professional who worked in health promotion services and product testing positions before joining ARTD. She has expertise in research and instrument design, evaluation and theories of change, and plain English reporting. She has worked extensively in evaluating educational resources in health settings, over the past few years working closely with the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI).

Qualifications: Masters in Public Health (University of Sydney); Honours Degree in Science (University of NSW)


Klas Johansson

Klas has extensive experience in research and evaluation and specialist expertise in the design, testing and implementation of monitoring systems. He specialises in research-oriented data collection systems and is a leader in the field of online monitoring and reporting for grants programs. With his background in evaluation and extensive experience working with a range of stakeholders to collect and report performance and monitoring data, Klas is adept at balancing the theoretical, technical and practical requirements for data systems. Klas has designed and implemented monitoring systems for Commonwealth Government and NSW Government programs, including grants programs, in a range of policy sectors.

Klas was the recipient of the 2010 Best Evaluation Policy and System Award from the Australasian Evaluation Society for a monitoring and reporting system tracking the outcomes for children with a disability transitioning from school.

Klas has recently worked with the Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS) to develop the new Data Exchange Framework, which streamlines the Department’s services into seven broad programs with simpler reporting requirements. Klas Johansson and Michael Brooks from ARTD were instrumental in the development of the new approach, including the specifications for an IT system that supports the transfer of monitoring data and regular reports.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Economics (Social Science), University of Sydney (1993), Certificate in Business Administration (Marketing), Sannarp College (1982)

Sue Leahy

Sue started at ARTD in 2009, and was ARTD’s Managing Director for 5 years. She was ARTD’s foremost researcher in the child and family policy area with many years’ experience successfully delivering process and outcome evaluations of complex policy and programs.

Sue has worked extensively in child protection and family violence and has led many projects involving service delivery for and by Aboriginal people. She evaluated a new Aboriginal consultation model for child protection services, Protecting Aboriginal Children Together (NSW FACS, 2010–16), and evaluated the Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS) Project (NSW FACS, 2011–16). She has also led the development of the evaluation of Resilient Families, one of the first two Social Benefit Bond projects in Australia. Sue has also led evaluations of a number of intensive and/ or integrated case management programs—in a child protection context, for young people with disability, families who are frequent government service users, homeless young people and families, and young people who have disengaged from the education sector.

Prior to joining ARTD, Sue held senior roles in evaluation and strategic review within NSW Government agencies. In her role as manager of evaluation within the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, she led the FACS Evaluation Unit and was responsible for a program of internal and externally delivered evaluations, including the large-scale evaluation of Brighter Futures.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Social Science), La Trobe University (1984)

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