Ticket to Work for young people with disability

Andrew Hawkins (ARTD) will present results from the Ticket To Work evaluation at the Disability at Work conference with Michelle Wakefield the Ticket To Work program manager from National Disability Services (NDS). Ticket to Work is a national program that aims to improve the transition to employment of young people with disability. The study aimed to compare the employment and social participation outcomes of young people with intellectual disability who participated in Ticket to Work Program to outcomes that may be expected for young people with intellectual disability. The analysis used data from the Household Income and Labour Dynamics Survey (HILDA) and Survey of Disability Ageing and Carers (SDAC) surveys. While the sample sizes were too small to draw conclusions at this stage, the indicative data is very promising and provides a foundation for a more comprehensive analysis by the end of 2016. The study was part of a broader evaluation that also looked at issues for the strength and integration of the networks that deliver Ticket to Work. The conference is focused on developing employment options for people with disability, and is intended for employment service providers and professionals interested in promoting opportunities for people with disability. It will be held at the National Convention in Canberra on 30–31 May 2016. For more information see the conference program.

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