Meet our people – Jade Maloney

Find out more about our staff, their roles, and what their day to day looks like!

What was your path into evaluation and ARTD?

As an undergrad I studied international studies and communications (journalism). But while I loved asking people questions, journalism wasn’t for me. I wanted to do more than capture people’s stories. So when a friend of my mum’s told me there was a role going at ARTD, I thought I’d check it out for 6 months before I worked out what I was really going to do. Fourteen years later, I’m still here.

Can you sum up your role as a Partner and Managing Director in one sentence?

I wear a few different hats, but essentially I help our teams and our clients think through the best way to approach projects given the context (whether that be the stage of development of an initiative, the broad system, the budget or the time available).

What was the best opportunity/ your proudest work moment since starting at ARTD?

There are really too many to name after 14 years. But a few stand-outs are: seeing the staff I’ve coached or mentored grow their confidence to do things they didn’t imagine doing the year before; transforming the way we evaluate and co-design with people with disability and mental ill-health – engaging co-evaluators with lived experience to work alongside us; and working on major transformation projects in the disability sector, including the development of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework.

What is your favourite thing about working at ARTD?

Getting to do meaningful work with caring and committed colleagues and clients. Helping people and organisations to grow by asking good questions.

What does a ‘day in the life’ look like for you?

No two days are alike. A day might include a stakeholder workshop to develop an approach to an evaluation, a team meeting, a coaching session, reviewing a project plan or report, or trouble-shooting with a project team.

What’s something your clients may not know about you?

Hmmm… If they’ve read my CV, they’ll know I have a Master of Arts in Creative Writing. But they might not know I have a family memoir (that crosses continents and looks at how the way we’ve dealt with mental ill health has impacted each generation) stashed in my writing drawer that I hope will find a publisher one day.

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