Facilitation and moderating a focus group

Focus groups are structured conversations to explore people’s attitudes and key concerns. People interact differently in groups than one-on-one, so managing group dynamics is a key part of a focus group moderator’s role. This requires the moderator to be well prepared and practiced in a number of soft skills.

We’ve developed a tip sheet that steps out each stage of preparing for and running a focus group, as well as a series of videos in conversation with two of our highly experienced facilitators, Emily Yorkston and Kerry Hart about the skills and techniques of facilitation.

We hope you enjoy these resources!

Download our Focus Group Moderator Information Sheet

Watch the videos

#1 Tips for facilitators – what’s the difference from interviewing and what skills are needed?

#2 Tips for facilitators – opening a focus group

#3 Tips for facilitators – sensitive topics and how to navigate them

#4 Tips for facilitators – managing energy and non-verbal facilitation tools


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