Vale Tracey

It is with great sadness that ARTD reflects on the passing of our close friend and colleague, Tracey Whetnall.

Tracey was integral to ARTD from the early days. Our Partner, Chris Milne, met her many moons ago at Tranby Aboriginal College in Glebe. Tracey had a scholarship from the Department of Defence and was studying a business studies course, while Chris was head teacher. In 1989, Christ left Tranby to set up ARTD. By this time, Tracey was living and working in Canberra as a freelance consultant. They reconnected in the early 90s, when Tracey came on board to interview and liaise with Aboriginal communities for a small project.

One project led to many more. For over 20 years, Tracey played an invaluable role in ARTD’s work in the Aboriginal policy sector. Highly respected by all she met, she connected and engaged communities like no other, giving Aboriginal children, families and communities voice in the programs they’re involved in.

Her drive, passion and generosity will be remembered by all who crossed her path. She was a true champion for the community—from her work with Aboriginal inmates as the ACT official prison visitor and cultural awareness training with governments and NGOs, to her work with Aboriginal youth and employment services. She was a dedicated mother, grandmother and friend – not to mention her love of South Sydney. Tracey went above and beyond in all that she did, always with great care and a great sense of humour.

We are truly grateful for the knowledge and wisdom Tracey shared with us over so many years. We feel her loss deeply and honour her contribution to ARTD. Our hearts and thoughts are with her family, friends and community.

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