Meet our People – Sally Evans

Find out more about our staff, their roles, and what their day to day looks like!

What was your path into evaluation and ARTD?

I started at ARTD in 2020 as a Research Assistant as an Economics graduate with no specific evaluation experience. ARTD was my first professional job, so in addition to learning about evaluation, I also developed my professional working skills in a supportive environment.

Since joining ARTD I have worked as an Analyst and have recently become a Consultant. I now work on a variety of evaluation projects across a range of sectors.

Can you sum up your role as a Consultant in one sentence?

I’m involved in and am gaining experience across a variety of interesting projects in a range of different sectors.

What was the best opportunity/ your proudest work moment since starting at ARTD?

Having involvement in the Wage Trial project, this was a hugely important project making sure that people with disability were involved in the research and that their voices were heard.

It was a project that also helped develop my professional skills in project management and client communication.

What is your favourite thing about working at ARTD?

There is large variety of work across different sectors and programs to work in. The opportunities for professional and personal development that ARTD provides is invaluable.

ARTD also has such a friendly and supportive group of people to work with. People are always willing to help and pass on their own knowledge and experiences.

What does a ‘day in the life’ look like for you?

Working from home makes this slightly different but my day tends to start with prioritising my current project work as I tend to work on several projects at a time. This may involve checking in with project managers or checking my daily self-imposed ‘to-do’ list!

I occasionally provide support in focus group sessions or other stakeholder engagement, which is developing my facilitating skills.

When we are working in the Sydney office, there are plenty of opportunities in the open plan office to ask for advice or approach people with questions.

What’s something your clients may not know about you?

When I’m not at work I love to bake and listen to podcasts, I always love hearing recommendations for either!

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