Digital disruption and the IPAA NSW State Conference

Digital technologies are continuing to transform the way that governments operate and how they interact with citizens and clients of services. Increased mobility, connectivity and data storage capacity provide opportunities to improve services and productivity.

We work with government agencies aiming to harness these opportunities. We can support agencies to ensure their system design is user-centred and accessible to people of all abilities. We can also assist agencies to engage with their clients and citizens through secure online platforms with the ability to tailor communications and surveys to particular target groups. We have also designed an innovative app for agencies to monitor and capture their client’s important life outcomes.

To support digital transformation in NSW, ARTD is sponsoring the IPAA NSW 2017 State Conference on 15 June. This year’s theme is ‘Innovating, Emulating and Enabling: How the digital transformation is changing public sector skill sets.’ More than 20 experts will speak on topics such as data security, big data, and how the NSW Public Sector is currently embracing digital technologies. For more details about the IPAA and the Conference, visit:

If you’re at the conference come and speak to one of our staff at the coffee stand.

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